Always in my hair

The man in front of me is stood, legs wide, on top of a Cadillac car. On hands and knees on the bonnet is a tall girl with an afro, back seductively arched staring up in admiration at the genius who has ’88 scrawled across his back of his turquoise suit jacket and the word PRINCE running from his thigh to the top of his high heeled suede boots.
I am captured by his energy, his music, his sentiments. Last Friday May 23rd 14 I was once again captured, the same man, some of the same songs, all of the same feelings. Of course there are differences. Now each of the hits means something to me, a place, a time in my life, a reason for reflection. It could be said that this genius musician has provided (but not in isolation) the background music for my life. The music I have listened to danced to, cried to, laughed to through my life.
In the 20 plus years and the 80 plus Prince Concerts I’ve attended in between there have been major changes in me but also I see that core traits remain. Standing, bathing in the atmosphere, music and memories I considered writing something down.
The best friend I attended the first concert with is still my best friend. My character, essentially, remains the same. I am strong, determined, fiercely independent but loyal and demanding of loyalty. I still enjoy solitude almost as I enjoy raucous laughter, dancing and silliness with friends. Then I was of course still at school, now I’m the Head of a school coincidently within sight of my old Comprehension school.
How did I get from there to here and am I happy? Without a doubt I have carved the life I love and lead. My passion for education drives me to withstand the intense distrust I have of a system that undermines, disempowers and stifles the brave and great educators that I meet daily. Ofsted is indeed the great demon in a magical world of creativity and dream making.
The town I always thought I’d leave has now such memories that I seek to move closer to the moody sea and the shabby architecture of the worn seaside haunt.
Music, vibrant experiences and above all people make my life. Life is an adventure. Music as anyone who knows me will attest to is essential for me to survive. The creativity my father passed on which saw me enjoying art in my younger days now seeps out in other more practical ways.
I’m not sure other than my usual reflective rambling I am seeking to find, other than an embracing of core traits, desires and likes that are the foundation to which we can, if we choose, build our lives.