#Nurture1415 It’s been a funny year ….

I I thought I would partake in Nurture14 even though my daily tweets possibly make you all more aware of my thoughts than my closest friends.  It’s Christmas Eve and I’m distracted from both the chocolates and a scantily clad Daniel Craig on the TV to write this… My dedication to the cause has no boundaries ;-

Five positives of the past year

1. The tireless work of my team of warriors was acknowledged! I can not tell you how much I wanted to tell the team that Ofsted agreed that we were a Good School. I didn’t care what anyone else thought but I knew we needed it. The team @wbjjunior exceed my every expectation. I am so proud of everyone’s contribution over the past five years I can not explain.

2. Perspective has changed, accepting others and being happy with yourself is something, I believe, develops as we get older. Realising what is important comes to us through harsh lessons but stays and makes us stronger. I care less about people’s misconceived ideas about who I am or what I do. The question is Am I okay with who am I, am I doing the right thing, behaving in the right manner? As I am the only one who can change me.

3. I have developed some very strong connections with people whom I would not previously have had access to through Twitter. Relationships largely based on my respect and admiration for people who have one desire… To make things better for the children in their care. These connections have reassured me, strengthened me, questioned me but more importantly made me safe in the knowledge that I am not alone in my passion to be better, more , stronger.

4. Having spent much of the year looking for a new house, although I haven’t found the right one I feel the experience has been positive. In an odd way I have found out much about myself through this search. I know I want to live in Cleethorpes… Yes I know I bang on about it like its a Mystical Wonderland… Well it’s not. It is however home, where I feel comfortable. My Dad loved buildings, places, signs ( he was a traditional sign writer) I too feel the need to connect with places and feel a security. The shabby promenades, creaky Pier and fragile shelters hold a fascination and I’m pleased to be still in this locality.

5. It’s been a good year to inspire, my love of music has not been starved. Of course Prince toured. Just the thought makes me smile everywhere. Watching Prince live, for me, is joy itself. Not just due to the exotic, familiar, range of memories it evokes but also to the sheer enjoyment of a man so obsessed with perfection and in love with what he does .. Respect is due. I have also seen many other fabulous artists including Lisa Stanfield , Beverley Craven, Freda Payne, Four Tops, Temptations, Joss Stone …..
Visits around England and my beloved Greece have all enriched and relaxed me, given me fresh inspiration in many areas including design, behaviour and of course cooking.
Five Wishes for the coming year

1. I will this year get back into the routine I love at the gym. 2014 was disrupted in many ways. For many reasons I struggled to keep up usual three times a week …. There will be nothing to stop me. I will attend as it clears my head, makes me feel better, breaks up my day, and of course allows me to eat without so much worry!
2. Of course I want to find a house! I know I’m far too picky but I hope I find somewhere that feels like home. A house I can entertain in, live in and be me in.
3. The team needs to step up to the challenge of further improvement and I need to inspire, drive, encourage and facilitate creativity. My wish is to have to strength to do this and to be what the school needs to keep up the momentum.
4. I wish to laugh, love and enjoy the year. This of course means travelling, cooking, music and friends, high heels, hand bags and general shenanigans.
5. I want to develop professionally .. I don’t want more , more of anything…. Responsibility etc. I want to be better. Develop as a leader and an educator. I want to be a better me.
Last years brief review
1- TRX bands ( epic fail)

2-Delegate and build trust- Big yes but it a broader manner not so narrow, trust… I still look for signs of disloyalty, I’m so much more aware :-/

3-Make time to chat to people- I do, for sure

4-More concerts and live music….loved it !!!

5-5:2….. Sporadically

6-Deal with the Diet Pepsi Addiction (leave the wine one). Dealt with (,a bit)

7-Relax- Does it always need to be perfect? (Possibly yes). I have … A bit

8-Go horse-riding. fAIL

9-Keep cycling, walking…choose the slower option when I can. – big tick

10-Widen the ‘I’ve had an idea circle’- worked a treat….staff always at my door

11-Spend more time with my Mum- doing and enjoying

12-LISTEN— I do, causes more reflection but hey ho

13-Collaborate actively with more schools- where ever I can

14-Cook for more people-invite, enjoy and share- oh yes! Come on over to my place!