Sometimes it snows in April…

I was still in school when Parade was released, 12 perfectly crafted tunes that captured me immediately. The compositions seemed to possess me, layered and intricate, pitch changes and drama. The lyrics intriguing, sensual and deep weaved their way through my senses, made me think, reflect and long for more. 
I already loved music, it was an escape and a way of categorising and organising the world. I thought too deeply, worried too widely and sought perfectionism. It was draining music let people, events and thoughts be dealt with by a connection with a melody.
My music collection is vast and diverse, the concerts I have attended, many. Other musicians who’s music I love have died, Luther Vandross, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and although sad I have been thankful for what they gave us musically and accepted their passing without too much concern. 
The news that Prince died in a lift shaft in his home on the 21st April 2016 has left me bereft… he was the supplier of the music that lubricated my life journey. Barely a day has gone past with me listening to some of his music or reflecting on a tune that reminds me of someone, something or an event in my life. More importantly in some ways is the flow of music had stopped abruptly. The prolific genius always guaranteed one thing , that the music kept on flowing. 
I have never cared for the stories,the details of his life , or indeed any of the hundreds of musicians I appreciate. Why is that any of my business? I don’t speculated on character or personality overly, his stage persona hinted at a complex multi dimensional character… good, this reflected in his music. The frenzy or theories and speculation over the past year has barely touched me , I ignore , roll my eyes and move on.  
The music fits me, could have been written for me. Prescribed to smooth the journey. This is a personal affair, I couldn’t care less if you like the music or not … I prefer if you appreciate the musician but if you don’t … then I won’t lose sleep.    
The performance in 2004 Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony saw Prince steal the show with a breathtaking guitar solo of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ with Tom Petty, Steve Winwood and others on stage. I remember smiling and smugly congratulating myself on being in no doubt for many years he could, should he wish, steal the show musically from just about anyone I had ever seen and heard.

This year has been a bit tough … not a wailing upset, not a depressing mourning of Prince but a realisation that a huge part of my life that I never considered coming to an end has… no more new music from Prince. I do feel grateful for the music, the memories and the structure to hang my feeling on. 
Sometimes I feel so sad….